From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, allergies of any sort are a function of an underlying weakness in certain organ energetic systems, namely those of the Spleen and Lung.

The Spleen-Pancreas energy system (the digestive system) is in charge of the transformation of food into pure energy for the body’s use.  Poor diet of excessive sweet, greasy, raw foods, and a lack of exercise will inhibit Spleen function.  When it is weak, it is limited in its ability to carry out this important task of extracting the pure food energies, and is further unable to send these energies up to the Lung to be distributed to the rest of the body.  Over time, the Lung itself also becomes weak due to a lack of nourishment from the Spleen.

With Traditional Chinese herbal remedies, we are able to treat food intolerances and allergies simply by Supplementing Spleen Qi and clearing any internal Heat.  Instead of discovering and eliminating the culprit foods, focus in TCM is to treat the underlying weakness causing the reaction.  A healthy Spleen can digest any food without consequence.

The Lung is in charge of Wei Qi, or defensive energy.  One can imagine that this energy circulates on the exterior of the body creating a shield against the invasion of external pathogens (viruses, allergens, etc.).  When this shield is weak, we become more prone to catching colds, and suffering from the annoyance brought on by hay fever; sneezing, sinus pressure, watery eyes and a runny nose.

Conventional medicines, although their effects are relatively immediate, do not address the underlying problem causing the histamine response of the allergic reaction.  Anti-histamines do just that:  they shut of the immune system’s normal (but, in the case of allergies, over-reactive) response to contact with an allergen.  This may be sufficient for short-term relief, but if we want to strengthen our immune systems against further reactions, it is necessary that we address the ‘root’ of the problem:  weakened Spleen and Lung energy systems.

Left untreated over time, weak Spleen and Lung systems will often produce the following symptoms:  general fatigue, seasonal affective disorder, poor digestion, development of food allergies, a propensity to catch frequent colds (which tend to linger), shortness of breath, and a pale complexion.

Recent scientific studies have shown that Chinese medicinal herbs have proven to have a ‘rebalancing’ effect on the immune system.  For these details, see my blog entry article by clicking here:  Exciting new research:  Scientific proof of Chinese medicine’s principle of Balance