Throughout my career, I’ve been on a journey of discovery. I began this journey having had the experience that indeed acupuncture works. Some of you may know the story of why I chose the path of TCM and acupuncture. Here it is:

Suffering a throwing injury to my shoulder, it was suggested that I try acupuncture. At the time I also happened to by studying and practicing Qi Gong.  Two acupuncture sessions over two weeks, and I had no pain and full range of motion was restored in the shoulder. The speed with which my shoulder healed itself defied all of the understanding of the mechanics of muscle repair I’d learned doing my undergrad degree in human kinetics. That same injury had previously taken 3 months to heal.

It’s a question I’m commonly asked by patients as well. My answers are varied, usually beginning with “It depends who you ask”.

Is there a common link in all of the going theories? Can we devise a plausible explanation connecting them all? It is my firm belief that our instruments of technology are coming close to showing us the science behind the effectiveness of acupuncture.

Over the course of my next several blog posts, I’ll elaborate on the following going theories in our exploration of how acupuncture works:

1. The Channel and Acupoint theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2. Trigger Point Theory
3. Fascial pathways theory
4. Theoretical differences of Japanese style acupuncture
5. Newest science: Quantum field theory and vibrational medicine

Stay tuned!

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