The arrival of July brings with it a host of new summer allergens, the most common of which are grass pollens.  The smell of freshly cut grass has me chomping at the bit to get outside and exercise.  For some, this same fresh smell heralds the beginning of yet another month of sniffles and dry eyes.

To make matters worse, those whose allergies are triggered by grass pollens also find it hard to get a good night’s sleep.  Dust mite excretions are the same size and configuration as grass pollens, triggering the same allergic reaction in those affected.  Commonly the day begins with a tough night’s sleep as the airways and sinuses are impeded.  To boot, the neighbor’s lawn mower is the alarm clock, heralding a day of outdoor allergies.

An early morning tee-time requires a good dose of anti-histamines and possibly even an asthma inhaler or two.

I had a patient who loved to play soccer, but became allergic to grass pollens.  Asthma triggered by a combination of exercise (EIA) and grass pollen eventually took her from the game she loved.  With treatment, she has now returned to her favorite sport, symptom and pharmaceutical free! Read her story here.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, allergies are a function of an underlying weakness in the Lung energy system.  Typically, this deficiency results from a pre-existing weakness of the Spleen energy system, the digestion.  Treatment includes a combination of clearing the Phlegm (and often Heat) that has been stored in the Lung, while strengthening the Spleen and Lung energy systems.  This is what is known as supporting the Root (cause) while treating the Branch (symptoms).

The result of this treatment simply occurs as a regulation of the immune system so that it stops over-reacting to otherwise innocuous allergy triggers.  A recent scientific trial out of New York shows how the T-cells of the immune system are returned to a balanced state with Traditional Chinese herbal medicine.  Antihistamines are nothing but a band-aid, and steroids simply shut down the immune system.  Chinese medicine works by regulating a confused immune system so that it no longer is over or under responsive to substances in the environment.

Do you suffer from allergies in the summer?

Come in for treatment and I’ll have you back enjoying your favorite outdoor activities, allergy-free!