In my blog I will discuss everything TCM.  Questions my patients ask, new research, answers to questions I receive online, my clinic experiences… Feel free to send questions to me on the topic of Traditional Chinese Medicine and I will answer to the best of my knowledge.

 Wei Qi is like our shields.  When it is strong, we remain healthy and well, despite the barrage of pathogens we encounter.  When it is weak, we easily catch colds and our asthma and allergies are triggered.

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“Dammit, Jim! I’m a Doctor, not a Magician!” ~ Bones, Star Trek

The Lung is the domain of Wei Qi, or Defensive Energy. It is the Energy that circulates on the exterior of the body, protecting us from nefarious, airborne substances in our environment.

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“We are what we eat”, or, as I prefer to put it, “We are what we don’t excrete”.

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The Number One Way to Help Me Help You

"We are what we eat", or, as I prefer to put it, "We are what we don't excrete". As my partner in helping you achieve ideal health, your job is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every disease can be categorized as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern of Imbalance....

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The recent development of the technology of Probiotics has had me consider their categorization of Flavor and Property according to TCM principles.


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Series: Probiotics – Spleen Qi Troops

Traditional Chinese Medicine categorizes all medicinal substances by their holistic effect on the body. Each herb, each type of food is described by both its Flavor and its Property.

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Being a ‘meditator’ doesn’t require one to live in a yurt, to be into aromatherapy, to appreciate the music of Cat Stephens, or to be able to say ‘Namaste’ without irony.  Meditation is simple, secular, and largely scientifically validated.

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Meditation: Is it Weird?

I’m often asked what I think of meditation. If I could have all my patients take on one thing I believe would most benefit their health, it would be to adopt a daily meditation practice.

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Only recently are we discovering some long-term deleterious effects of our overuse of antibiotics.  We are learning that in killing off the harmful bacteria, the good bacteria would also be sacrificed.
In this series, I will be explaining how probiotics relate to the Traditional Chinese Medicine theories of health and balance, and how I’ve been able to effectively incorporate their use in my practice.

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Series: Probiotics – Send In the Cavalry!

It was 87 years ago that Sir Alexander Fleming stumbled across the invention of Penicillin, launching humanity into an unprecedented era of disease eradication. The short-term results were astoundingly positive!

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With this sticky, viscous substance in our Lung system, we become more prone to catching lingering coughs, colds, and flus, to developing allergies, asthma, and a worsening of other chronic lung conditions.

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Ensuring a Strong Immune System

By theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 5 seasons correlating to the 5-elements. The elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water correspond respectively with the seasons of Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

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