Peter believes that our understanding
of the concept of Qi will bridge the
sciences of Eastern and Western medicine. 
His Vision is Global Health. Breathe Easy.


Dr. Peter Wood


You can be assured that his needle technique is precise and easy, his herbal prescriptions effective, and that his clients report extraordinary results – beyond their expectations. You’ll feel WAY better!


Acupuncture, the main modality utilized by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is also used in varied forms by practitioners of the traditional medicines of Japan, Korea, and India. The core philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine is over 3000 years old and is based on the concept that Qi, or life energy, flows through the body in a network of pathways known as meridians. A blockage or dysfunction of Qi can cause pain, imbalance, and eventual disease.

herbal remedies

Herbal Remedies

The ancient cultures of the world all share a similarity: they all use plants and other naturally occurring substances as medicines. The Chinese have used the natural medicinal qualities of plants for thousands of years. To this day, lore passed down from generation to generation provides for the use of these substances in the preparation of Chinese family meals equipped to treat and prevent illness. The Traditional Chinese medicine system incorporates the most extensive herbal pharmacopeia of substances of any culture on the planet.